We have quite a few things going on at Deep South Kikos, that we decided to do a "newsletter" to
let everyone know all of the happenings on the farm. If all works out, it will be updated from time to
time to keep everyone current.

Sissy, our LGD (livestock guardian dog), had to be spayed this week due to a uterine infection.  It
appears to have been caused by a puppy that had been left inside.  She had been treated with
antibiotics and had not improved.  That's when the puppy was found, 3 weeks later.  The vet said
most dogs wouldn't have made it that long.  She is doing well now and is expected to come home
at the beginning of next week.

One of our pastures had clover so high that Shane decided to bring the cows across the road to
graze on it for a little while.  This field is also home to Eve and our bucks that have been weaned.  It
was obvious Eve had never seen a cow before, and the cows didn't know what to make of a dog so
possessive of goats in a pasture.  It took a while getting used to one another, but all is going fine
now.  It's like one big happy family.  Below is a photo of Eve checking out the cows when they first
Shane and I spent the day Saturday vaccinating the does and the kids that were at least 8 weeks
old with CD/T.  Shane learned a hard lesson this week due to a decision to not vaccinate with CD/T.
We lost one of the top 5 herd does to Clostridium Perfringens.  Sometimes we find ourselves
learning a lesson the hard way.   We also banded the bucklings that didn't  make the cut at
becoming "future herdsires".  They became our practice for tattooing, since neither of us had
tattooed an animal's ear before.  It went really well and much better than expected.  Those
bucklings also volunteered themselves to train the new Anatolian puppy (future guardian herdsire),
when he arrives.

We hope everyone enjoys our "news" page.   If you have  any comments or suggestions about this
page, feel free to let us hear them.  
Week of April 19, 2009
Week of May 3, 2009
What a week it has been for us!!!  For those of you who have been keeping up with us; Sissy our
LGD came home this past Monday.  She had to be confined and complete her medications, but she
was able to be let out with HER goats Saturday.  She is one happy dog!!

Saturday we weighed our bucklings to see how they are growing off of the forage since being
weaned 1 month ago.  We also tried out Shane's contraption on the mule to be used for tattooing.  It
worked out really well.  He also made a cage to go around the livestock scales so we could get the
weight of the goats without them moving around a lot.  Here are some photos:

We also moved the cattle into the other pasture with our does to help mow the clover down.   We
didn't want the clover to kill out the summer grass, because it was so thick.  Therefore, Jael (our
LGD) had to get accustomed to the cows just as Eve did last week.  She took to them pretty quick.  I
guess one dog against 37 cows, 25 calves and 1 enormous bull, she knew she didn't stand a
chance.  Here are some photos of the cows in with the goats.

Stay tuned......We will be updating this page monthly.  Hope you enjoy it.   We sure do enjoy sharing
all of our happenings around here with you.
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